Your Condominium in Zehlendorf: Buy-to-Let Investment in Berlin’s Quiet South-West

Traditionally, the outskirts of major cities tend to be densely developed or mixed residential areas, which is the case on the northern and eastern edge of Berlin. The south-west takes exception, and so the acquisition of a condominium as buy-to-let investment in Zehlendorf should be given some extra thought. On the one hand, the residential accommodation available in most localities of the borough of Steglitz-Zehlendorf is rather pricey and attracts higher income levels. On the other hand, you will be hard pressed to find another location in Berlin that is this close to lakes, parks and forests.

Opting for a condominium in Zehlendorf as buy-to-let investment satisfies several needs of modern urbanites, namely a quiet and recreational place to live combined with easy access to the inner city that lets them take advantage of cultural and societal events. This makes a condominium as buy-to-let investment in Zehlendorf just about the most sensible investment you can make on a real estate market that is booming, on the one hand, but also driving more and more tenants out into the outskirts, where rates of returns still have upside potential as a result.


Condominiums as Private Investment in Zehlendorf: A District Attracting High-Income Tenants

Steglitz-Zehlendorf has always been considered a borough with a favourable social structure. Local residents are relatively affluent and well educated, which is reflected in the purchasing power as well as in property prices and rent rates. The purchase of a condominium in Zehlendorf as buy-to-let investment is therefore always worth a thought.

Many people who wish to live in the south-west part of Berlin are hunting for high-end flats, ideally in a location conveniently accessed. Since the borough has so much greenery and water and since it is very family-friendly, it is the preferred place to live for well-educated high-income families and for the elderly. At more than 46 years, Steglitz-Zehlendorf has the highest age average among Berlin’s boroughs. That explains why condominiums available as buy-to-let investments in Zehlendorf frequently attract middle-aged leads.


Condominiums in Zehlendorf as Buy-to-Let Opportunity

Worth noting for buy-to-let investors is also the borough’s social and economic composition. Steglitz-Zehlendorf has the lowest unemployment rate across Berlin, and offers, not least because of the institutions of the Free University and resident companies, top-notch parameters for high-income employment. At the same time, this borough of roughly 102 is rather sparsely populated with just over 3,000 residents per square kilometre. The fact mirrors a certain preference for space to spread out and a quiet ambience among those who choose Zehlendorf as place for acquiring condominiums as private investment. The clients buying or renting here tend to be picky but are normally reliable and solvent.


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