Living in Berlin: A Booming Metropolis in the European Heartland

Berlin just keeps on booming. Living in Berlin is as trendy as ever, with people from other cities and foreigners from elsewhere in the European Union or indeed anywhere in the world flocking to the German capital. Despite the skyrocketing property prices, buying residential property in Berlin remains an option with robust yield prospects. The fact is primarily explained by the rich diversity of options that Berlin offers for all walks of life. For example, the number of jobs in Germany’s first city has been going up for nearly 20 years. A large number of start-ups and high-tech companies, as well as agencies and creative media professionals, have moved into the downtown boroughs and brought attractive jobs. On top of that, the tourist business is booming. More than 13 million visitors flock to the city every year, requiring lodgings, amenities and entertainment. Add to this the roughly 190,000 students from all over the globe who are enrolled in the city’s four universities and over 30 higher education institutions. It is this very hodgepodge of people that defines the city’s flair. And all of these people want one thing above all: to live comfortably in Berlin.


Buying, Letting or Owner-Occupying Condominiums in Berlin

Acquiring residential property in Berlin counts among the most rewarding and stable-valued real estate investments in Germany today. This is true both for assets earmarked for letting and those intended for owner-occupancy. However, it has become harder and harder lately to find good product at reasonable prices, especially inside Berlin’s rapid transit circle line.

As a result of this, more and more residents are moving into the outskirts, either to find lower-priced accommodation or in order to get away from the brisk pace of downtown living. If you are contemplating homeownership in Berlin, it pays to take a look at the peripheral boroughs, such as Steglitz-Zehlendorf in the city’s south-west corner.


Living in Berlin: Why Not Steglitz-Zehlendorf?

Newly built or refurbished properties in the south-west localities of Dahlem or Zehlendorf, among others, are perfectly eligible for a private investment in one of the city’s wealthiest boroughs. Surrounded by rich verdure and several lakes, located in the immediate vicinity of the Free University and still within easy reach of the inner city, making your home in Zehlendorf has become an attractive alternative specifically for middle-aged Berliners. The district has a lot of green areas, including the woodlands of Grunewald on its western edge, which is the largest local recreational area in the city. Although the area seems very quiet in many neighbourhoods, almost rural, there is a rich spectrum of cultural amenities, and if all else fails, the inner city is always just a quick commute on the U3 underground line or a short car ride away.

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Our Movie: The Purchase of a Property with Accentro
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